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Paintball Field Safety Signs

Weekend Warrior's Paintball Field Safety Signs are the best field safety signs on the market. These safety signs measures about 15" x 20" which means your players see it from farther away. Because it is made out of heavy duty PVC, this material stands up to direct shots at any range. The simple graphics and high contrast printing convey your message instantly. These signs are screen printed which means that they won't crack or peel. We can make any custom printed signs or add your logo to an existing sign for a small fee. Fill out an order form or give us a call at 864-688-0123.

Safety Sign Prices

$7 each sign | Custom Signs Available for $12 each

Signs come in Yellow, Red or Blue | Choose one color or mix and match! 

  • Tank Route
  • Danger!
  • Danger!
  • Dead Zone
  • In Case of Emergency Call
  • Drinking Water
  • Field Paint Only
  • Field #
  • First Aid
  • Equipment Rentals
  • No Shooting
  • Goggles On
  • Goggle Water
  • Handicapped Parking
  • Registration
  • Staging Area
  • Shoot Me
  • Shoot Me
  • No Smoking
  • stay back
  • no pink paint
  • Chronograph Area
  • Chronograph Area
  • Chronograph Area
  • Chronograph Area
  • Chronograph Area
  • Air Fill Spanish
  • Dead Zone Spanish
  • Dead Zone Spanish
  • Dead Zone Spanish
  • Dead Zone Spanish
  • No Shooting Spanish

Place an Order

Ordering is easy! Give us a call at 864-688-0123 to let us know exactly what you would like to order!

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